Friday, May 29, 2009


While i was randomly shopping at the Mall i came across this new product ( new to me) in the Lingerie section SPANX. The lady explained that it was a "body shaping" undergarment designed to give the wearer a slim and shapely appearance. Hmmm now i am thinking should i Buy it??? aahh may be later need to check out some reviews on this product.
Sara Blakely is the founder of SPANX, Inc who received the Ernst & Yong Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2002. About 5.4million SPANX power panties have been sold since the year 2000, and the global retail sales for SPANX products are estimated at $350 million for 2008. Now that is something but lets see what some of them have to say-
"The spanx made me look like Mrs Doubtfire in a fat suit, and the bra seemed exactly like my $5 one with a couple extra digits. I will admit I was less LUMPY but really for over a hundred bucks I was expecting something BIGGER [or less bigger, har har]"
First of all if you are plumpy, fat, your belly hangs over your panties there is nothing SPANX can do to save you from that. It is not a garment made to make you look like you have lost 20lbs NO NO! It is only a shaping garment giving you a smoother clean look when you wear a cocktail dress.
"Last night Eva Parker stepped out ... in SPANX! A shutterbug snapped the lovely "Desperate Housewife" star as she arrived at an Allure magazine party being held at Beso (her restaurant in Hollywood) and managed to catch a glimpse of Eva's "mid-thigh shaper."
So here you go Eva is a size zero and she uses SPANX! Many celebs wear SPANX including Jessica Alba and Oprah.

Check out their website for SPANX solutions Body shapers, Bras and Camis. Target also sells a cheaper version of SPANX if you don't want to pay $100.00 for an undergarment!

I think i am gonna try it out. If you are going to use it only for certain occasions you can just buy one and use it under any dress. If any of you have already tried it let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maxi Mania this Summer

This summer its the Maxi's and not the mini's. Maxi dresses have become very popular in the last few years mainly because they are extremely comfortable and they look great on any shape and size. Maxi dresses have it all- casually chic, sexy and comfortable, free flowing, colorful, can be short or long, available in a variety of fabrics, with or without sleeves. Maxis are a must-have look for traveling and the beach filled days of summer. I was in Aveda yesterday and almost all the Hair dressers were in their black Maxi's. Its become a fashion trend among all the celebs. Lindsay, Paris, Jessica alba are all flaunting their sexy bodies with Maxi's. The long flowing maxi dresses look great in a burst of floral patterns, artistic geometrics, solid white cotton or black and white graphics.
Check out Kim wearing the Bra Top Maxi from Victoria Secret's collection. Better than ever, with new enhancements for improved support and comfort. Empire waist. Open cut-out back. Ruched front for $95.00 on sale.

Victoria secret has a great collection of maxi's ranging anywhere from $30.00 to $100.00..Not Bad! It was a surprise to me. Buy online and get 60% off. Clearance Sale!
You can also select BCBG, Custo Barcelona, Tibi, Tracy Reese or one of the other designer brands to find your summer maxi dress.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I wish i could wear high heels..

You can wear high heels and be comfortable and i have learnt it the hard way. I have walked into Payless or Target several times and seen them and i think wow such cute high heels shoes for just $15 grab it infact sometimes i bought 2-3 pairs thinking what a bargain. But unfortunately after wearing them once or twice you realize what a bad decision you have made buying these cheap shoes. At first i thought its the high heels and i am just not used to wearing them, it hurts and i go back to wearing my flat shoes. But soon realized that was not the case when i bought an expensive $90 high heel shoes n was able to wear them all day without hurting myself. So if you want to wear high heels and be comfortable you need to buy the expensive ones as they have that extra cushion which the cheapo ones will never have and believe me its a dream come true. They are very durable, last longer...its like buying Honda or Lexus over Kia. In the beginning it might look pricy but in the long run you are the winner.

They make you look sexy, you feel good and it boosts your confidence. I would not recommend wearing anything more than 4inches. Also if you don't want to go with pointed heels there are other options like block heels which can do the same job.

Researchers have found that a person of average height (5ft 4in tall) was rated most attractive when their inside leg measurement was 30.5in, which is about 5% longer than the average leg measurement for a person that size. With high heels your legs look longer and therefore make you look very attractive. Also make sure when you walk you apply pressure on the ball of your foot and not on the heel.
When i am working i prefer wearing flats due to the nature of my job. But sometimes i wear high heels like on fridays and guys compliment saying hey you look taller today ..nice shoes...some notice it because of the tik tok sound:) I wear them because i want to look taller and now that i have some comfortable shoes i am loving it.