Friday, May 29, 2009


While i was randomly shopping at the Mall i came across this new product ( new to me) in the Lingerie section SPANX. The lady explained that it was a "body shaping" undergarment designed to give the wearer a slim and shapely appearance. Hmmm now i am thinking should i Buy it??? aahh may be later need to check out some reviews on this product.
Sara Blakely is the founder of SPANX, Inc who received the Ernst & Yong Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2002. About 5.4million SPANX power panties have been sold since the year 2000, and the global retail sales for SPANX products are estimated at $350 million for 2008. Now that is something but lets see what some of them have to say-
"The spanx made me look like Mrs Doubtfire in a fat suit, and the bra seemed exactly like my $5 one with a couple extra digits. I will admit I was less LUMPY but really for over a hundred bucks I was expecting something BIGGER [or less bigger, har har]"
First of all if you are plumpy, fat, your belly hangs over your panties there is nothing SPANX can do to save you from that. It is not a garment made to make you look like you have lost 20lbs NO NO! It is only a shaping garment giving you a smoother clean look when you wear a cocktail dress.
"Last night Eva Parker stepped out ... in SPANX! A shutterbug snapped the lovely "Desperate Housewife" star as she arrived at an Allure magazine party being held at Beso (her restaurant in Hollywood) and managed to catch a glimpse of Eva's "mid-thigh shaper."
So here you go Eva is a size zero and she uses SPANX! Many celebs wear SPANX including Jessica Alba and Oprah.

Check out their website for SPANX solutions Body shapers, Bras and Camis. Target also sells a cheaper version of SPANX if you don't want to pay $100.00 for an undergarment!

I think i am gonna try it out. If you are going to use it only for certain occasions you can just buy one and use it under any dress. If any of you have already tried it let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maxi Mania this Summer

This summer its the Maxi's and not the mini's. Maxi dresses have become very popular in the last few years mainly because they are extremely comfortable and they look great on any shape and size. Maxi dresses have it all- casually chic, sexy and comfortable, free flowing, colorful, can be short or long, available in a variety of fabrics, with or without sleeves. Maxis are a must-have look for traveling and the beach filled days of summer. I was in Aveda yesterday and almost all the Hair dressers were in their black Maxi's. Its become a fashion trend among all the celebs. Lindsay, Paris, Jessica alba are all flaunting their sexy bodies with Maxi's. The long flowing maxi dresses look great in a burst of floral patterns, artistic geometrics, solid white cotton or black and white graphics.
Check out Kim wearing the Bra Top Maxi from Victoria Secret's collection. Better than ever, with new enhancements for improved support and comfort. Empire waist. Open cut-out back. Ruched front for $95.00 on sale.

Victoria secret has a great collection of maxi's ranging anywhere from $30.00 to $100.00..Not Bad! It was a surprise to me. Buy online and get 60% off. Clearance Sale!
You can also select BCBG, Custo Barcelona, Tibi, Tracy Reese or one of the other designer brands to find your summer maxi dress.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I wish i could wear high heels..

You can wear high heels and be comfortable and i have learnt it the hard way. I have walked into Payless or Target several times and seen them and i think wow such cute high heels shoes for just $15 grab it infact sometimes i bought 2-3 pairs thinking what a bargain. But unfortunately after wearing them once or twice you realize what a bad decision you have made buying these cheap shoes. At first i thought its the high heels and i am just not used to wearing them, it hurts and i go back to wearing my flat shoes. But soon realized that was not the case when i bought an expensive $90 high heel shoes n was able to wear them all day without hurting myself. So if you want to wear high heels and be comfortable you need to buy the expensive ones as they have that extra cushion which the cheapo ones will never have and believe me its a dream come true. They are very durable, last longer...its like buying Honda or Lexus over Kia. In the beginning it might look pricy but in the long run you are the winner.

They make you look sexy, you feel good and it boosts your confidence. I would not recommend wearing anything more than 4inches. Also if you don't want to go with pointed heels there are other options like block heels which can do the same job.

Researchers have found that a person of average height (5ft 4in tall) was rated most attractive when their inside leg measurement was 30.5in, which is about 5% longer than the average leg measurement for a person that size. With high heels your legs look longer and therefore make you look very attractive. Also make sure when you walk you apply pressure on the ball of your foot and not on the heel.
When i am working i prefer wearing flats due to the nature of my job. But sometimes i wear high heels like on fridays and guys compliment saying hey you look taller today ..nice shoes...some notice it because of the tik tok sound:) I wear them because i want to look taller and now that i have some comfortable shoes i am loving it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plump Up your LIPS !

I had heard about it but never really used it. When i saw it at Target it did not look any different from the regular lip gloss that i have always used. But as it was only $10.00 i thought what the heck lets just try it and see if it really plumps up my lips. To my surprise it really worked very well just as advertised. So let me tell you how it works....

Most lip plumpers contain some type of irritant like menthol, camphor or cinnamon that causes mild swelling. Your lips feel minty! Simply apply plumping gloss directly to your lips and watch them inflate. It also keeps the lips hydrated for a long time. If you don't use any lip plump potion make sure you keep your lips hydrated with any lip balm, as dry and chapped lips look even more thinner. The effects and the amount of fullness can vary by brand. The one that i am using is from Physicians Formula and i use it twice a day. Its available in different shades, some also have glitter for party time.

There are several stories on the internet about "Get Instant Luscious Angelina Jolie Lips" with surgical augmentation or through injections - ouch. One would go for it if she is really crazy and has a lotta money. Well these methods are long lasting but they can have several possible side effects. So why go there!

Try out the deep wine tones such as burgundy, cabernet and merlot even scarlet which is hot this season. A little shimmer with a champagne-colored gloss on top will give you the perfect Lip Plumping Cocktail!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Acne Scars: Can i beat it?

Sometimes you look into the mirror and its clear and sometimes you see acne popping up or the scars left over from acne. Why can't it be always clear? what is it that is making it toggle so much? Thats what i am thinking right now and i hate it. I don't have an answer to all the questions but i am not going to give up! So i have talked about it to my parents n friends and got their suggestions. To start with i am following some good stuff that we all know are important. Its just that we don't follow it religiously. Anywaz here i listed them ALL:
. Drink atleast 3 liters of water everyday
. NO coffee or Tea.
. NO spicy, oily n fried food :(
. Exercise everyday. I run for 30min on the treadmill and do some strength exercise for 15min.
. Use Neutrogena acne therapy treatment which is said to be much better than Proactiv. Proactiv works for some but for others it can have side effects so be careful.
Its a 3 step process:
Step 1:
Skin Polishing Acne Cleanser contains Salicylic Acid acne medicine and micro-fine beads designed to unclog pores as well as to treat and help prevent pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.

Step 2:
Acne Control Lotion contains Benzoyl Peroxide acne medicine, which kills acne causing bacteria, treats inflamed breakouts and helps prevent future acne.

Step 3:
Oil-Free SPF 15 Lotion (as needed) is a unique combination of SPF 15 and DermaNaturals®, an exclusive botanical complex. It protects acne-prone skin from damaging UV rays, while calming and promoting the return of clear, healthy-looking skin.

I have done all this in the past and once my skin is all clear i just let it go and then it gets worse again. Lazy lazy me..what i want to say here is you need to take care of your skin everyday no matter what. Some don't have to but others who have acne prone sensitive skin need to invest time in it and its worth it! I am also going to consult a dermatologist soon.
I am following all of the above and its been 2 weeks now. I will get back to you with before and after results in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime if you girls n guys have any suggestions or want to share your success story please feel free. You can also email me at

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hair Volumizing

I am sure there are many out there who know about Hair styling but this is from an infant who just discovered the facts about how to get the perfect hair everyday. I always wondered how these ladies at work have their hair beautifully set everyday. Do they go to a hairstylist everyday? i don't think so. So after chit chatting with them i decided to try out some of their already known to ALL secrets:)

First of all i started using Aveda products as their products are all plant-based and they support eco-friendly practices. Hair styling is not just about adding products to your hair and blow drying it. You should get a hair cut that suits you based on your personality. I like letting my hair down and adding volume to it because i feel that LOOK enhances my personality. And after watching Chitrangada Singh in "Sorry Bhai " movie i wanted her hair style real bad. Check her hair out..

When you talk about using blow dryers, styling your own hair could be very painful. So i bought one of the hair dryer stands available on
Amazon @ $10.00 which frees up your hands to hold the brush and to move it around. Aveda hair care tips also suggests that in order to extend the life of your blow dry, it helps to sleep on a silk pillow case or wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed.

These were the steps i followed:
. Let your hair dry like about 80% atleast
. Your choice: i added the volumizing tonic from Aveda you can use the be curly or straightening products.
. Divide and conquer- clip up your hair and use small sections and blow dry your hair using ionic dryer they are better than others.
. Use a big rounded brush
. In 20min i had my hair bouncing all over the place:)
. I style it on Sunday and it remains for atleast 2-3 days. Doing this twice a week without teasing/back combing your hair too much is not bad for what you get!

Let me know what you girls and guys out there think about everyday styling. What are your experiences?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Boyfriend Fashion!

What is the Boyfriend Fashion? Boyfriend is any style for woman's clothing that was modified from a corresponding men's garment. Examples include boyfriend jackets and boyfriend jeans, which are more unisex in appearance than most woman's jackets or trousers while they are still designed for the female form. It all started when Katie Homes walked out wearing Tom Cruise's jeans. Funny as it sounds but she made a fashion statement and now we have stores selling the Boyfriend jeans. It is basically you wearing your BF's jeans with a belt so that it fits your hip and folds in the bottom. It is baggy and straight fit like jeans for men usually are.

So i finally bought one from American Eagle yesterday to try it out. They have made it so that it is tighter at the waist and slouchy in the leg just because guys are naturally taller and they do not have the curvy butt like women have;) No offense guys!
It is very similar to a true boot cut except that it is not tighter at the thighs. To add to the feminine look you can wear a tight top and heels totally your choice. So far i am liking it but not sure how the market is going to respond to it. Only a few top brands carry it and now American Eagle. But the marketing strategy is not bad because if it was called a Regular fit or a Free fit or Straight fit then i would have not stopped and tried it. So we will see how it works in today's Recession world.
It seems Katie Homes was wearing that jeans for 3 straight days in NY and then she "dumped the boyfriend jeans" and went on a cruise:)

There are also different styles in the Boyfriend Favorite- Destroyed wash, Indigo wash, Faded wash. The boyfriend pants are getting popular Victoria Backham , Lindsay Lohan and many others are wearing them. It does look even better if you are skinny like them.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Fashion H & M

H&M introduced their Spring Fashion for 2009 on March 5th. Check out their retro campaign video for 2009-

Great collection once again for this year with a variety of Tops $25, Dresses $16-$25, jeans $35, cardigan, Blazers. A combination of retro romantic trendy fashion for both men and women. Violet, lavender, black n white being the top colors for this season. I have always loved wearing H&M and most of the time i select clothes at home on my PC. How? Go to their website they have a dressing room for ladies and men you can add your face and try on their collection remotely:) this is just amazing....i am completely blown here. On top of that you can rotate zoom in n out and check yourself out, you can also change the background to be outdoors, restaurant, club, bath, lounge WOWWW!

Here is a capture of their casual spring collection. I think any next door girl or guy can wear their clothes. Their skirts are really cute. If you want to try something new but at the same time not very expensive go check our H&M and get a new look.

The first H&M store i went to was in South Coast Plaza, Orange county very close to where i used to live. Now i moved to Torrance and unfortunately there is no H&M store anywhere near here...though i stay very close to one of the largest Mall in LA Del Amo Fashion Mall:(....i have to drive to Hollywood or Orange County it sucks!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My love for Earrings

When i used to get ready for Work or a Party or any other Occasion i did my hair, which many think is the most important and hypes up your overall look, then make up and that's it! i am Ready to Roll. But in the last few years as i started trying out some fashion jewellery i have realized that by adding a pair of earrings you can enhance your overall look even more as not everytime your hair will be perfect:) As a teenager I always used to wear a gold stud earring which my mom forced me to wear and i would wear those for months and sometimes years. But now its completely different story as i wear all kinds of earrings, shapes, sizes, color and wear a different one each day that i think will match my dress. It does not have to match the color of your dress infact a color contrast is great. Silver and Black earrings go with almost any outfit.

I have read a lot of blogs talk about what size of earrings would match with your face. I don't believe that short earrings match well with a Oval shape face and long earrings match with a Round shape face...the best is to try all sizes and you will know if studs suit you or long earrings. You are the best judge. And once you know that you can go crazy as there are so many options out there, you will be surprised, really beautiful creative jewellery. You can choose from stones to pearls to feather to bamboo to copper and i can go on and on with the list. The easiest way is to buy earrings which just hook on and not something that you need to screw in from the back that way if you are in a hurry you can just put them on in 1 sec and zooommm...
Also storing them on a earring stand will make it easy to glance through them all and pick the one you need for the day.

Check out some crazy earrings-- ipods, glow, PCB :)

This is not part of my collection:p and i don't know who wears these type of earrings but sure they are creative n fun.
Most of my collection is from Target, Macy's and some small earring shops in Malls. All are under $10.00. Like some who collect coins i collect EARRINGS ;)

Check back for a picture of my collection...loading...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Anchor Blue Fashion Line

Now for people who know me, this is nothing to do with where i work :)

It was Saturday and my hubby was with his friend working on car mechanics so i decided to walk into the Mall near my house. This time i entered the Mall through the west entrance and i am very Happy i did that. Saw this blue store with so many high school kids and i could not resist but go check out the store "Anchor Blue". Anchor Blue has everything that todays teen wears. They have a great clothing line which is very youth oriented, colorful, casual and CHEAP $. They always have great offers, i bought 2 T-shirts for only $25. They also have a special offer on jeans for guys and girls for this hurry!! they carry
activewear, jewellery, bags, shoes, shorts etc. for girls and guys which is nice.

Anchor Blue is a California based clothing retailer which has over 200 stores in the western US and Florida. The company started in 1970 and the bast part is that their designers are young graduates which keeps it funky and fresh. They are on Facebook , Linkedin and you can also join them on their website as a AB insider Their website is fun it gives you a preview of their latest collection, you can locate stores near you, print coupons.

I am not a high school student ;) but I am a jeans and T lover and love anything that is comfortable, edgy, funny and cheap. Anchor Blue has it ALL n so i became a fan.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Red Carpet 09 Glitz n Glamor

Red carpet event is one of the most awaited for all of us. This year especially was different with 10 nominations for Slumdog Millionaire, a film based on and in India, Hugh Jackman a crowd pleasing Oscar HOT host, nominations presented by the Divas of Hollywood making it much more real and emotional, and RECESSION !! Yes looks like the recession has hit the red carpet too we saw less of bling bling n Glitz on the red carpet this year.

Dark blue dress on the red carpet Naaaahhh!! Not very impressive i expected much more from her. i thought she was well dressed in some of the other award ceremonies. Come on Freida you could have done better! never the less she has been casted in Woody Allen's next film set in London with costars Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins and Naomi Watts. Shooting starts July 09. Good job Freida.

Hyde what exactly are you wearing?? Red OK it looks good on her but look at the cuts its like she has wrapped herself with a paper napkin or something. Well she added some bling to it which is not bad.

Mylie was the best of all she just had to say " Recession what recession" Look at that dress!! It is filled with rhinestone, off white color looks great on her. I think she rocked the
red carpet.

This is definite
ly a gorgeous dress a perfect Red carpet dress, very sexy and she looks cute. Hairdo was flawless. But her husband needs to work on his dressing :)

If you did n ot recognize her she plays Brad Pits mother in Benjamin Button. She is wearing a very simple but nice dress. I like the frills in the back, the necklace not really a match i would say. Hairstyle suits her but not a show stopper.

Angelina is a gorgeous lady no matter what she wears. But if you ask me about the dress i would say it is a Black Dress but very elegant. The only other thing that stood out were her green jewelery.

Kate is just a very elegant, gracious lady. Her dress was OK but i definitely liked her dress at the golden globes. But whatz up with her hair? from behind it looked like a square shaped wig or something. Kate your hairstylist needs to use less gel.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ponytails IN or OUT

Definitely IN!! I never thought wearing ponytails can be so sassy and sexy. But YES looks like it has become a fashion trend now with Ash and Freda Pinto wearing it on Red Carpet and Movie Premieres. I used to wear them when i was in school and always thought they were boring and would just let my hair free once i was home. I guess wearing it everyday makes it boring, esp when the elastic band came off with your hair and all that pulling and rigging .....o ya we all remember those days.

So following the trend i tried it at home, you don't have to go the hairstylist for it. After you shampoo your hair blow dry it by running the comb in a backward motion. You can also add some mousse to it. Once dried you can bunch your hair together in a comfortable base location and tie it with a elastic band. Make sure your hair is completely dry as a damp ponytail is most fragile. If you have longer hair you can grab a string of hair and rap it around the pony and use bob pins to secure it to give it a elegant look and it also hides the elastic band...isn't it easy? i have tried it at home, its really easy, fast and you are all set for the evening.

Check out Ash @ Pink Panther 2 premiere n Freida @ LA critics awards

Try it and you can look as sassy as them. I just used the cheap elastic band from Target or Walmart. But there are also two different types of elastic bands Blax or Bungee style. Did u know this!! This is definitely new to me and above all there are a bunch of companies who make these Scunchie, Karina, Elle Girl, Camilla and Evita Peroni.

Ponytails look good at any AGE!