Monday, February 23, 2009

Red Carpet 09 Glitz n Glamor

Red carpet event is one of the most awaited for all of us. This year especially was different with 10 nominations for Slumdog Millionaire, a film based on and in India, Hugh Jackman a crowd pleasing Oscar HOT host, nominations presented by the Divas of Hollywood making it much more real and emotional, and RECESSION !! Yes looks like the recession has hit the red carpet too we saw less of bling bling n Glitz on the red carpet this year.

Dark blue dress on the red carpet Naaaahhh!! Not very impressive i expected much more from her. i thought she was well dressed in some of the other award ceremonies. Come on Freida you could have done better! never the less she has been casted in Woody Allen's next film set in London with costars Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins and Naomi Watts. Shooting starts July 09. Good job Freida.

Hyde what exactly are you wearing?? Red OK it looks good on her but look at the cuts its like she has wrapped herself with a paper napkin or something. Well she added some bling to it which is not bad.

Mylie was the best of all she just had to say " Recession what recession" Look at that dress!! It is filled with rhinestone, off white color looks great on her. I think she rocked the
red carpet.

This is definite
ly a gorgeous dress a perfect Red carpet dress, very sexy and she looks cute. Hairdo was flawless. But her husband needs to work on his dressing :)

If you did n ot recognize her she plays Brad Pits mother in Benjamin Button. She is wearing a very simple but nice dress. I like the frills in the back, the necklace not really a match i would say. Hairstyle suits her but not a show stopper.

Angelina is a gorgeous lady no matter what she wears. But if you ask me about the dress i would say it is a Black Dress but very elegant. The only other thing that stood out were her green jewelery.

Kate is just a very elegant, gracious lady. Her dress was OK but i definitely liked her dress at the golden globes. But whatz up with her hair? from behind it looked like a square shaped wig or something. Kate your hairstylist needs to use less gel.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ponytails IN or OUT

Definitely IN!! I never thought wearing ponytails can be so sassy and sexy. But YES looks like it has become a fashion trend now with Ash and Freda Pinto wearing it on Red Carpet and Movie Premieres. I used to wear them when i was in school and always thought they were boring and would just let my hair free once i was home. I guess wearing it everyday makes it boring, esp when the elastic band came off with your hair and all that pulling and rigging .....o ya we all remember those days.

So following the trend i tried it at home, you don't have to go the hairstylist for it. After you shampoo your hair blow dry it by running the comb in a backward motion. You can also add some mousse to it. Once dried you can bunch your hair together in a comfortable base location and tie it with a elastic band. Make sure your hair is completely dry as a damp ponytail is most fragile. If you have longer hair you can grab a string of hair and rap it around the pony and use bob pins to secure it to give it a elegant look and it also hides the elastic band...isn't it easy? i have tried it at home, its really easy, fast and you are all set for the evening.

Check out Ash @ Pink Panther 2 premiere n Freida @ LA critics awards

Try it and you can look as sassy as them. I just used the cheap elastic band from Target or Walmart. But there are also two different types of elastic bands Blax or Bungee style. Did u know this!! This is definitely new to me and above all there are a bunch of companies who make these Scunchie, Karina, Elle Girl, Camilla and Evita Peroni.

Ponytails look good at any AGE!