Monday, March 16, 2009

Hair Volumizing

I am sure there are many out there who know about Hair styling but this is from an infant who just discovered the facts about how to get the perfect hair everyday. I always wondered how these ladies at work have their hair beautifully set everyday. Do they go to a hairstylist everyday? i don't think so. So after chit chatting with them i decided to try out some of their already known to ALL secrets:)

First of all i started using Aveda products as their products are all plant-based and they support eco-friendly practices. Hair styling is not just about adding products to your hair and blow drying it. You should get a hair cut that suits you based on your personality. I like letting my hair down and adding volume to it because i feel that LOOK enhances my personality. And after watching Chitrangada Singh in "Sorry Bhai " movie i wanted her hair style real bad. Check her hair out..

When you talk about using blow dryers, styling your own hair could be very painful. So i bought one of the hair dryer stands available on
Amazon @ $10.00 which frees up your hands to hold the brush and to move it around. Aveda hair care tips also suggests that in order to extend the life of your blow dry, it helps to sleep on a silk pillow case or wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed.

These were the steps i followed:
. Let your hair dry like about 80% atleast
. Your choice: i added the volumizing tonic from Aveda you can use the be curly or straightening products.
. Divide and conquer- clip up your hair and use small sections and blow dry your hair using ionic dryer they are better than others.
. Use a big rounded brush
. In 20min i had my hair bouncing all over the place:)
. I style it on Sunday and it remains for atleast 2-3 days. Doing this twice a week without teasing/back combing your hair too much is not bad for what you get!

Let me know what you girls and guys out there think about everyday styling. What are your experiences?


  1. superb bollywood model..heheh ...yeah she has that fresh look and great acting skills

  2. oh she is Chitrangada .. shes really good..

  3. She's drop dead gorgeous...ek dum modernised Smita Patil

  4. hey good post!! informative. but fortunately or unfortunately for me, I have a pbm other way round, too much volume even with ironed hair which becomes pretty unmanageable at times!!!!

  5. oh btw looking fwd for more solutions and tips from u :)

  6. Hey Priya Thanks! For your hair type you might want to try the smooth infusion products from Aveda. i think it should help. It will also helps if you do deep conditioning...try it out!

  7. hey... thanks for the solution, will def give it a try..