Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plump Up your LIPS !

I had heard about it but never really used it. When i saw it at Target it did not look any different from the regular lip gloss that i have always used. But as it was only $10.00 i thought what the heck lets just try it and see if it really plumps up my lips. To my surprise it really worked very well just as advertised. So let me tell you how it works....

Most lip plumpers contain some type of irritant like menthol, camphor or cinnamon that causes mild swelling. Your lips feel minty! Simply apply plumping gloss directly to your lips and watch them inflate. It also keeps the lips hydrated for a long time. If you don't use any lip plump potion make sure you keep your lips hydrated with any lip balm, as dry and chapped lips look even more thinner. The effects and the amount of fullness can vary by brand. The one that i am using is from Physicians Formula and i use it twice a day. Its available in different shades, some also have glitter for party time.

There are several stories on the internet about "Get Instant Luscious Angelina Jolie Lips" with surgical augmentation or through injections - ouch. One would go for it if she is really crazy and has a lotta money. Well these methods are long lasting but they can have several possible side effects. So why go there!

Try out the deep wine tones such as burgundy, cabernet and merlot even scarlet which is hot this season. A little shimmer with a champagne-colored gloss on top will give you the perfect Lip Plumping Cocktail!

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